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About Us

It’s all about reuse.

A love of design.  A blend of old and new.  Respect for the environment.  A desire to be greener.  Admiration of innovation & Great British craftsmanship.  Inspiring technology.  Home & family.  An artistic upbringing.  Functionality.  Frivolity.  A shed full of restoration projects.  Just a little bit different.  A keen eye but a sucker for vintage.  Compulsive rummaging.  Awesome ideas.  A need to do... something.

Out of this mess, Green & Present was born.

It’s our first incarnation and we think it’s ok.  We’ll live and learn as we go and hope you’ll stay with us.   If you’ve any comments or want to know more please get in touch:

Reclaim - Recycle - Reuse

All our products have been selected to fit these criteria.  It’s not an exhaustive list but it’s a never ending search.  We have been astounded over the past year by the vast array of designers, manufacturers, artists and craftspeople we’ve discovered working with repurposed materials.  Pre & Post consumer waste, charity shop or timber yard salvage - it’s all here under one cyber roof.

It’s not an exact science but we categorise our products under the three R’s like this:

Reclaimed - designs featuring a material which has been repurposed to give it a second life or new dimension.  Without the use of intensive re-manufacturing, the core element remains recognisable.  

Recycled - vending machine coffee cup clocks, plastic milk bottle teddybears, need we say more?

Reused - these are our vintage and antique items, other than a touch of restoration they’ve not been fiddled with.

Each Product description tells you a little of its story and sometimes its maker.  We hope you’ll find something to love.  If you need inspiration please look at ‘Gifts’ to help you decide.  New lines will be added all the time, but do get in touch if there’s something you think we should see.  

Happy Browsing.